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Kellie Allridge

Kellie Allridge started her career in the healthcare field as a pharmacist. After surviving a potentially life threatening car accident which left her with a broken neck at the age of sixteen, she knew she wanted to go into a profession where she could help others. She attended Duquesne University in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania and graduated from their pharmacy school in 1992. For the next 10 years Kellie practiced pharmacy in various settings. What she discovered during this time was that her favorite part of pharmacy was having the opportunity to educate her patients about their health and medications.

Although Kellie was able to completely heal from her broken neck, she was left with some residual effects. She often suffered from neck pain and headaches. When consulting with her doctor she was told she would have to live with this pain or take medication for it. In 2003 Kellie had a grand mal seizure, which her physician felt was due to the very medication she was taking for the pain. It was at this point the Kellie knew there had to be a better way to approach this problem. After taking a leave of absence from pharmacy so she could take care of herself she was introduced to Dr. Joseph Childs and Dr. Charles Durr. Kellie experienced positive changes in her health almost immediately after starting chiropractic care.

Wanting to use her experience to help educate others Kellie has teamed up with Dr. Childs and Dr. Durr to empower people to take care of themselves. It is her mission to work through the Wellness Education Foundation to reach as many people as possible and educate them about health and wellness.

Sheryl Graham

Sheryl Graham came to the Corrective Chiropractic team over 4 years ago. She was formerly employed at the Chester County Hospital for over ten years where she worked in the critical care department doing cardiac monitoring as well as administering many levels of nursing care to the critically ill patients. As a chiropractic assistant Sheryl is busy assisting patients with various therapies in the office. She also is involved with teaching patients spinal corrective exercises and is an experienced x-ray technician. Sheryl can often be found educating patients about the benefits of chiropractic and is very involved in making sure the office flows smoothly for both staff and patients. The most rewarding thing about this job for Sheryl is that she knows most of the patients and their families and she has the pleasure of helping them and watching them get well and improve the quality of their life.

Daiana Rodriguez

Daiana Rodriguez has been a team member at Corrective Chiropractic for over two years. After graduating from Oxford Area High School in 1995 Daiana knew she wanted to have a career where she could help others. After some experience working with other medical offices Daiana came to Corrective Chiropractic and felt at home right away. Since then Daiana has become trained in just about every aspect of the office. Her primary area of expertise is the front desk but she can also often be found in the therapy department assisting with traction, exercises, new patient consultations and x-rays. Daiana plays a critical role with coordinating all aspects of patient care. Daiana enjoys every part of her job, but if she had to pick one thing that motivates her the most it is the connection she has with the patient's, other team members and the doctors here at Corrective Chiropractic.

Evelyn Dimarco

Evelyn Dimarco joined the team in December 2004. Her background is in nursing and she previously practiced as a registered nurse in various medical settings. Here at Corrective Chiropractic she works as a chiropractic therapy assistant. Evelyn's day includes assisting patients with traction, corrective exercises, conducting new patient consultations and doing x-rays, assisting doctors with re-exams and overall education of the patient about chiropractic care. Along with the other team members, Evelyn attends weekly training and travels to Philadelphia several weekends a year for intense training for her position. Evelyn gets a sense of satisfaction from knowing that her position here at Corrective Chiropractic allows her to educate patients on how to take care of their health and ultimately change their lives.

Kate Corbett

Kate Corbett started at Corrective Chiropractic in December 2005. After living and studying domestically and abroad Kate earned her Masters Degree in Business Administration. She has had experience in various medical settings including physical therapy and occupational therapy clinics. Although trained in many different areas of the office, including therapy and insurance billing, Kate plays an absolute critical role in running the front desk. Her smiling face is the first one our patients usually see when walking into the office. Her day is often busy with scheduling patients, coordinating the flow of the office, and educating and assisting patients with all aspects of care. The most rewarding part of this position for Kate is seeing the patients heal and feel better due to chiropractic care and that she gets to play a part all of this.

Cindy Vernon

Cindy Vernon has been with Corrective Chiropractic since February 2004. The Associates Degree in Accounting which she earned from Wiedner University serves her well in her position here as an Insurance Chiropractic Assistant. Cindy's day is busy handling all insurance billing concerns including handling patient insurance consultations and addressing any concerns patients may have about their insurance. She can also often be found at the front desk assisting and filling in for the front desk as needed. In her newest role at the office you will find Cindy educating patients about the benefits of chiropractic, coordinating the flow of the office and orientating new patients to care. The most rewarding thing about working in this position for Cindy is seeing the improvements the patients are able to make to their overall health with the help of chiropractic care.