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Consultation & Exam

Health Consultation:  To discuss any health concerns and to answer all your questions you may have about a certain condition or chiropractic.

Spinal Examination:  A typical spinal examination includes: spinal range of motion testing, orthopedic and neurological testing, postrual examination, and any other necessary test to determine if you qualify for care.

Surface EMG Testing:  (Non-needle electromyogram) An important painless test that determines if there is abnormal function of the muscles that support the spine.

Spinal Thermography:  This painless test evaluates nerve function to your organs, blood vessels, and glands.

Report of Findings:  To give you the results of your examination and to let you know if you qualify for care and what your treatment options are.  If your evaluation reveals a condition that is better treated by other means, we will refer you to the appropriate doctor.

*Does not include X-Rays.

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